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GeneticsĀ“ Added Value B.V.

Strategic consulting and management in animal production.


The founder of the company is Dr. Jan Merks. He studied Animal Science at Wageningen University in the Netherlands and followed his MSc by a PhD entitled `genotype x environment interaction in pig breeding programs`. He has more than 35 years of experience in pig genetics and reproduction research as well as application of the latest technologies. Initially he started his career along the position of researcher at the national animal research institute. In 1989 he stepped into the industry and fulfilled several senior management positions like director of IPG, Institute for Pig Genetics BV and director Breeding and Quality in the Board of Directors of TOPIGS. He was also chairman of EFFAB (the European Forum of Farm Animal Breeders), active in numerous scientific advisory boards and chairman of the steering group of the FABRE Technology Platform

In his career, Jan always combined innovative research with practical implementation.